Business Plans and Letter of Intent
Able Business Group
  It is with great pleasure that I have the honor to introduce to you, The Able Business Group. It is equally exciting to report that all of the Legal work for our (LLC) papers have been filed and approved, all of our DBA'S have been set up, Our Business Bank Account is set up, our USE SALE TAX ID is set up, and Our Federal EIN # has been set up and approved. All 12 of our Businesses will receive either the first Place ranking, or close to it, “in any Phone Book we chose to list in,” because of the Alphabetical format phone books use.  Our phones are ringing even though we haven't officially opened for business. The Able Business Group is a Group of businesses that was born out of a deep hunger to Honor GOD. We strive to serve our communities, by helping our people reach and live their dreams and goals of success. The Able Business Group is a brilliant new and upcoming limited liability Corporation; that now owns a total of 12 subsidiary companies. This is our Official detailed 5 year business plan, outline, and public letter of intent to do business. It is hereby stated and duly noted that upon the final approval by our local governing leaders, we (The Able Business Group) fully intend to engage in the day to day business operations of all 12 subsidiaries. Listed below are the initial 12 businesses that make up the Able Business Group. During the start up process, business operations shall commence on this said and stated property. This property is located in the County Zone Jurisdiction of Henderson County Texas @ 259 Lake Shadow Dr. Suite (A) in the (ETJ) of Gun Barrel City, Texas 75156. Our Texas Office # is : 800-244-5554. The hours of operation shall be from 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday (Central Standard Time). After the Start up process and our rental income revenue is in place, Our North Carolina office will also commence in the day to day operations of all 12 subsidiaries businesses listed below @ 820 Jamestown Rd Suite (A). Morganton, North Carolina 28655. Our North Carolina Office # is;  800-350-0679 The hours of operation shall be from 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday (Eastern Standard Time).

                                   Our Able Group, LLC Subsidiaries Are Listed Below

                   1.A nonprofit organization dedicated to Honoring God:
                   2.An  Employment service:
                   3.A Pollution Free Alternative Power & Energy Company:
                   4.Water Well Drilling and Utilities Installations Company:
                  5.Construction Company:
                   6.Cleaning Service Company:
                   7.Website Design Company:
                  8.A Merchant Service Provider:
                  9.Advertising Company:
                 10. A Security Company:
                11. An Electronics distributor:
                 12. A Trucking Company:
                                                                           Strategy Overview

  All 12 of the businesses listed above give us a larger initial customer base than that of individual businesses that depend on the income solely from just one industry. This strategy also gives us the ability to minister directly to our communities, by providing more Jobs and income for the overall growth and development of our communities. The strategy of offering a group of companies not only gives us a larger, broader initial customer base, it also gives us a powerful support group of closely related industries. These businesses will have the power to support each other with the collective effort of all 12 businesses. We know the collective effort is far greater than that of an individual and we plan to fully use the power of our collective effort.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               We believe all of these combined strategies will give us the ability to capture and maintain a fair market share. In spite of being a startup company it is through proven business principals, and solid foundational strategies that are sure to secure a good market share. A few of the strategies we intend to use are; a neat professional appearance, strong work ethics, first place ad placement, word of mouth name recognition, high quality products and services, cutting edge technology, along with a level of servant heartedness not currently offered by most of our competitors. These principles are sure to strengthen and grow our business reach into each market we will endeavor. As the demographics of buying trends suggest, all of the products and services we offer are in high demand. Some of our businesses are absolute necessities such as clean pollution free power and energy, drinking water, and employment services. The trend analysis data indicates that we are sure to capture at least some of the market share, by the default High Demand Principals of Economics. Even if we don't sell one product or provide one service, our rental income will support the small over head we will have. This is given the fact that most of our businesses are internet product sales that are drop shipped directly from our manufacturers. This means we will have little or no inventory to stock, dramatically cutting cost. The fact is that few of our local area competitors offer the broad range of products and services that we do. Another strategy we are implementing and taking advantage of is the fact that all of the businesses will be operated from one central location during the start up process, thus only one phone, electric, and water bill for all 12 of the businesses. Although the current start up overhead for our businesses are considerable, soon upon proper approval from our local Governing leaders, we will have 5 rental spaces to support and fund our ministry and business efforts. Even if we don't make one penny from the sales and service of the greatest selling necessity products in the history of the world, we will still be able to fund our basic business operations, make payroll and gain a small monthly profit. This is a fact that most business cannot boast. We have archived such a powerful business plan through the careful study of many successful business plans and using the best portions from each. We also receive sound advice from the God made Millionaires in our network of Nation Wide Counselors. We fully believe, the 7 years of dedicated marketing research, demographical buying trend analysis, study of successful business plan strategies, and successful corporate structuring, combined with a powerful network of experienced, well established professionals, counselors and mentors, have given Our Able Group, LLC a solid workable foundation to achieve and handle the rapid growth that some business scarcely even dream of. It is our passion to serve that fuels our fire to succeed in all of that which we dream to do.                                                                                                                                                                      
                                                                               Plan Outline

We will set up and use our temporary office unit, until our Permanent Office Building is completed. First we plan to finish the installation of all the necessary utilities to support 8 lots with site built town homes and one permanent office building. The 8 lots will be use as temporary RV lots until we can build each of the 8 town homes one at a time. This will start up our first residual means of working capital. Renting the 8 lots out as temporary RV spots will help support our construction and developing plans. We believe our lots will be rented out as soon as construction is completed, for 2 reasons, 1 our property is only  1 mile from a Super Wal-Mart and even less than 9/10ths from Cedar Creek Lake. 2 Our property will have an 8 foot security fence and an 8x20 foot rolling gate that is key code activated to protect our property as well as our renters and their property.                                                               
  We will soon upgrade the 8 temporary RV sites to 8 temporary Mobile Home lots, this will allow us to raise the rent and increase our working capital to further our development efforts. We already have 2 mobile homes on site awaiting the approval of our local area Governmental leaders. As the rent is accrued and we begin to profit from our 12 businesses, we plan to sell the mobile homes one at a time to help offset some of the construction cost for the permanent site built 2 story efficiency town homes. We will build one at a time on each of the 8 lots. The sise of our rental lots will be 30’ X 60’. After each of the 8 site built town homes are completed, we will again raise the rent and increase our working capital.
  We plan to use the revenues from all 8 of our site built town homes to complete the construction of our permanent 40x40- 3 floor office building. Phase (1) of our permanent office structure is to complete all of the foundational work. Phase (2) will complete 100% of the construction on the exterior of the building. Phase (3) will to complete the interior portion of all 3 floors. The 1st or ground floor of our building will be the receiving, maintenance equipment storage area, and Town Home Rental Office. The second floor will be the Nation Wide Command Center with office space to operate all 12 of our businesses. The 3rd floor of our office will be the training, testing, and meeting center. The 3rd floor will also be place to offer certifications and safety training to employees, have monthly employee functions such as award ceremonies, corporate meetings, and marketing promotions. This building will serve as Home Office and Permanent Headquarters for our National and International Businesses. We expect to expand to England and Australia in the first 5 Years of Business using the Powerful connections we have already established.
  Upon completion of the construction of all 8 town homes on each of the 8 lots, and then the successful construction of our Home Office Building, along with satellite offices opened and operating in North Carolina, NY, NY, San Diego, CA , Burgess Hill England, and Sydney Australia we will have completed our 5 year plan.

Detailed Step by Step 5 Year Plan

Step 1: We plan to complete the move into our temporary mobile office located at Gun Barrel City TX 75156. Then we will bulldoze and re-grade the elevation of our investment property to accommodate and complete the full utility construction. This will include the water, sewer, phone, and electrical to support the future construction of a 3 floor office building and 5 small efficiency town homes. 

Step 2: We plan to rent out the 8 lots immediately after the utility construction is fully completed. The lots will rent as temporary 30’ X 60’ RV sites. This revenue will be a residual means of operating capital to help finance the development of our plans. The Vise President of Our Able Group, LLC lives just outside of Charlotte, NC and he will in fact be starting up Our North Carolina offices at this time to sell our products and services. Our Vise President will be handling all of the territory from the East Coast area. Our President will be handling all of Central US area. We are in fact starting all 12 businesses in both locations Morganton, NC and Gun Barrel City, TX close to the same time. Our Phones are ringing with business and we are prepped and ready to move as soon as the final bits of legal work and approvals have been completed. 

Step 3: We plan to use the monthly rental income from all 8 sites to build an 8’ security fence around the entire border of the property. Then we will install an automated 20’ rolling gate that is security key coded activated.  This will give our renters added security and value to protect ours, and their property and privacy. Our local Law enforcement and (EMT) Medical teams will be provided with over ride codes to open the security gate. Step 4: After the main 8’ security fence and gate is completed we will continue to add value to our renters by installing a 5’ interior fence around each of our 30x60 rental sites with a 15’ rolling gate for added value, keep pets contained, and adds security.  

Step 5: After the individual temporary RV sites are fenced off, we will begin to upgrade the 8 temporary RV rentals to 5 temporary mobile home rentals. We will then raise the rent and increase our working capital. We plan to upgrade one at a time as the rent accrues, and as this plan of growth supports itself. As of now we already have 2 of the mobile homes necessary to generate renal income, so we will be able to rent 2 mobile homes and 6 RV sites immediately as soon as final utility construction is completed. This fact could be used as collateral to pay a note should we decided to take a small loan to complete the start up construction.             

Step 6: After all 6 lots are upgraded to temporary mobile home rentals; we will use the accrued rent money and funds from our 12 businesses to quickly phase out the temporary mobile home units. We plan to sell the temporary mobile homes and use the money from the sale to help fund the construction of Town Homes. We will again raise the rental price as we upgrade from mobile home rentals to town home rental. As the rent accrues from the new town home construction, and we see profit from our 12 businesses we plan to use the increase of our operating capital to expand our employment ministry and business ventures into a National Home Office Building with 3 floors.                                                                                                                                  

Step 7:  After all of our satellite offices are set up to sell our products and services, we will begin to build new town homes in each region. We will use every town home we build for rentals to support our collective effort. We look forward to setting up a manufacturing area to mass produce pre built small efficiency town homes. Our first manufacturing site has not yet been determined.                                                                                                                                               
  After the full completion of all 8 efficiency town homes, home office building, and all of our satellite offices are up and operating, we will have completed our 5 year goals and objectives. We have the connections, the solid plans, and legal frame work, to achieve and maintain rapid growth. It is our goal to put East Texas on the map with a Global Presence. We can, We are, and We will because we are (ABLE.)

    We will continue to dream new dreams and continue to serve the Lord with all of our works. 

        God Word's: Proverbs 16:3 Commit your works unto the Lord, and your thoughts (will) be established
Advisory Council, Officers, and Personnel

                                                                Head of Our Council:  GOD Almighty
President: James Rogers                                                                                                                 Vice President: Kris Phillips                                                                                                                       
Operations Manager: Open / Pending Review  If interested email: or call: 800-244-5554    CPA/Business and Financial Advisor: Dennis Wood                                                                                                    Home Office Manager: Adriene Thomas or call: 800-244-5554
Construction Director: Open/ Pending Review If interested email: or call: 800-244-5554 Treasurer /Chief Editor: Wes Shields                                                                                                                               Network Administrator: Open / Pending Review If interested email: or call: 800-244-5554 Legal Counsel/Contract Negotiations: Scott Damuth                                                                                                     Human Resources / Research and Development : Melissa Phillips                                                                            Financial/Banking: First State Bank of Malakoff, Texas
Commerce Director: Open/ Pending Review If interested email: or call: 800-244-5554       Marketing and Advertising: James Rogers                                                                                                                Water Well Drilling Partner: J.T. Ramsey (State licensed & 30 yr Drilling Veteran)
Director of Power and Energy Sales and Installation: James Rogers                                                                        Director of Logistics: Lynn Rogers

The above list of highly talented and motivated individuals, make up the growing network of the God Fearing men and women of The Able Group. We firmly believe that soon we (The Able Group) will build things people rarely see, Honesty and Honor to God with all of our works, all of our means, and our dreams and goals. To God be the Glory!

Please feel free to call or email and share your advice or so that we may answer any questions you may have concerning “Our Able Group, LLC” in its businesses, plans, or employment & ministry opportunities. For employment opportunities please contact our HR department: or call: 800-244-5554                                        Until then may God Bless us all with the blessings from fruits of his Spirit.

    James Rogers          
Founder and President                                                                                                                                                                         Texas Office: 800-244-5554                                                                                                                                   North Carolina Office: 800-350-0679                                                                                                                                                                      .                            Cell: 903-676-9766                                                                                                                                        Email: